Boost your commercial performance with Tekram’s Commercial Energy Audit service
  •  28/02/2023 06:20 PM

A commercial energy audit is a thorough examination of your building's energy use to discover where, when, and how it is used. TEKRAM is now offering a new Commercial Energy Audit service to assist its clients in controlling their power expenses and maintaining them within affordable ranges. It includes recommendations on how to conserve energy in your commercial premises and techniques to minimize energy usage you had no idea existed.

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Learn energy saving techniques for your home with the Energy Audit Service from TEKRAM
  •  22/02/2023 07:01 PM

In order to assist its clients in managing their power costs and keeping them within reasonable ranges, TEKRAM, a rising facility management company, is now providing a new Energy Audit service, in which it offers tips on how to save energy at home and ways to reduce energy consumption you didn’t know existed.

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Stay warm and be well prepared for the turmoil of winter with TEKRAM
  •  20/02/2023 07:06 PM

During maintenance, TEKRAM’s team will inspect the property, check for any worn parts, and make any necessary repairs related to plumbing, electrical, wiring, HVAC and boiler system.

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Benefit from TEKRAM’s ENERGY AUDIT service; save energy, money and the planet!
  •  16/06/2020 12:00 AM

Energy Audit is an activity designed to track and monitor energy use in real time, analyze your premises’ energy consumption, and recommend simple actions to shift usage patterns from peak to off-peak and consequently minimizing energy consumption.

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