16 Jun

Are you struggling to find ways to reduce your energy consumption, and thus reducing your Kilowatt per Hour cost? You are not alone!

With the rising energy cost concerns, companies worldwide started to use state-of-art systems to manage their costs and maximize the efficiency of their equipment.

Now, for the first time in Lebanon, TEKRAM, a rising facility management company, is offering a novel Energy Audit service to help its clients manage their electricity bills and keep them at acceptable levels.

So, what is an Energy Audit?

Energy Audit is an activity designed to track and monitor energy use in real time, analyze your premises’ energy consumption, and recommend simple actions to shift usage patterns from peak to off-peak and consequently minimizing energy consumption.

Companies offering similar service will help clients to find cost-saving opportunities, cut operational expenses related to electricity usage, and, most importantly, recommend techniques to increase energy savings.

The Energy Audit team will detect energy-inefficiencies by identifying leaks and areas for improvement in the property itself. Experienced companies, like TEKRAM, offering a full range of services including property repairs and maintenance can also demonstrate whether repairing or replacing outdated appliances would ultimately result in maximum savings. 

Briefly the benefits to expect from energy audit can be summarized as follows:

  1. Reducing your energy bills. 
  2. Knowing how, when, and how much each piece of equipment on your premises consumes energy.
  3. Managing your energy consumption to maximize the value gained at the lowest possible energy cost.
  4. Lengthening the lifespan of your equipment detecting any possible unaccounted consumption.

Energy Audit and sustainable development: Over time, benefiting from an energy audit service implies there will be more money to save, less resource waste, and less greenhouse gas emissions. 

In fact, Energy audits are seen as a crucial resource for promoting sustainable development. A facility can become more energy efficient, which can promote sustainable growth by assisting in cost reduction, lowering energy use, and improving a property’s long-term viability.

We are ready to help you save on your energy bills, and be a part of the eco-friendly community. 

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