28 Feb

Do your company's utility bills run high? Is it time to repair or replace your company's mechanical systems? Are you thinking about being more environmentally friendly by installing renewable energy sources such as commercial solar panels? The first step to becoming more energy-efficient and saving money on your energy bills is to properly understand how your company uses energy. Thus, conducting a commercial energy audit. As a result of rising energy prices, businesses, shopping centers, banks, hospitals, and many commercial buildings all over the world began to use cutting-edge solutions to minimize costs and improve the efficiency of their equipment. TEKRAM, a rising facility management company, is now offering a new Commercial Energy Audit service to assist its clients in controlling their power expenses and maintaining them within affordable ranges. It includes recommendations on how to conserve energy in your commercial premises and techniques to minimize energy usage you had no idea existed. So what is a Commercial Energy Audit? A commercial energy audit is a thorough examination of your building's energy use to discover where, when, and how it is used. An audit offers helpful data about your present energy expenses, assesses your current gas and electricity use against your current business needs to look for any waste. A customized plan can then be developed, focusing on cost-effective solutions for maximizing functionality and efficiency while minimizing your business’ energy usage and expenses, as well as insight into long-term strategies that can reduce operational expenses, energy use, enhance energy savings, and encourage ecological sustainability. Tekram’s professionals will reveal power-saving solutions that might reduce expenses and make your business more environmentally friendly. Business owners will be provided with a detailed report of how they consume energy. It demonstrates if they are maximizing every chance to produce an efficient business or whether there are ways to improve such processes.

During a commercial energy audit, Tekram’s team will be identify energy-saving opportunities, detecting potential risks related to:

  1. Lighting in the building 
  2. Computer usage 
  3. Energy-intensive activity (production/ manufacturing companies) 
  4. Heating and cooling systems 
  5. Boilers
  6. Water or air leaks
  7. Insulation of roofs
  8. Double glazed windows and doors 

The benefits of following Tekram’s recommendations may have a considerable influence on an organization, in addition to boosting property value, cutting expenses related to utility bills, and minimizing carbon emissions.

Energy audits assist in the increase of overall commercial building efficiency. Tekram’s commercial energy audit can boost any commercial area’s performance by:

  1. Reducing operational costs and consequently overall costs by checking and monitoring energy consumption.
  2. Increasing energy efficiency which leads to increasing a building’s value, and company’s green reputation.
  3. Lengthening equipment lifespan due to regular check for malfunctions and immediate repairs and increasing the building’s lifespan and durability by evaluating the quality of the premises insulation techniques, temperature regulation tactics to reduce the risk of deterioration factors such as mold.
  4. Decreasing carbon footprint which helps save the environment in the long term, plus joining the eco-friendly community.
  5. Enhancing health and safety measures by identifying dangerous problems and providing preventive solutions for example: detecting potential fire hazards.
  6. Saving energy and money by replacing inefficient systems with more efficient ones.
  7. Promoting comfort for every person in the commercial area which results in higher satisfaction and productivity for example: improvements in insulation and air sealing reduce heat transfer, leading to a more stable, efficiently heated and cooling space. This increased comfort through an improved thermal envelope can lead to not only increased productivity, but also a reduction in utility cost.

Getting a business energy audit from Tekram is the best thing a business owner can conduct to capture financial returns from energy savings, improve productivity, and reduce environmental impact.

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