22 Feb

Are you surprised your electric bill is high all of a sudden? Are you having trouble monitoring your appliances consumption? Do you know how to save energy at your home? Companies and residences all over the world started using cutting-edge technologies to control their expenses and enhance the efficiency of their equipment as a result of the increasing worries about energy prices.

In order to assist its clients in managing their power costs and keeping them within reasonable ranges, TEKRAM, a rising facility management company, is now providing a new Energy Audit service, in which it offers tips on how to save energy at home and ways to reduce energy consumption you didn’t know existed.

So what is an energy audit? And why is it important? An energy audit activity will provide you a comprehensive assessment of your power use and energy efficiency. A facility's energy flow will be examined as part of an energy audit to find cost-saving opportunities, examine operational costs associated with electricity use, and, most importantly, recommend tips on how to save energy at home.

After the Energy Audit, TEKRAM team will provide you with some tips and recommendations on how to save energy in your home. Following are some:

  1. Use evaporative coolers instead of refrigerated air conditioners, which may save up to 80% on electricity.
  2. Use double glazing to stop heat loss through the windows. 
  3. Replace old pear-shaped globes with compact fluorescent lamps or LED globes that consume 80% to 90% less energy.
  4. Switch to an energy-efficient showerhead can cut the waste of hot water in half.
  5. Substitute your 10 years old fridge with a new one and save up to 40% of energy.
  6. Change your top loader washing machine with a front loader washing machine and save 60% less energy and water 
  7. Apply the sleep setting on your computer when it is idle and turn it off at night.

Is it possible to conserve energy by disconnecting appliances? It is a fact that unplugging equipment can reduce energy use. When not in use, you should definitely unplug your appliances. You might be shocked to see how many devices are plugged into your walls if you take a fast tour of your property. Did you know that even when there is no phone plugged in, your phone charger uses 0.26 watts of power? Use increases to 2.24 watts when your fully charged phone is left connected. Unplugging appliances when not in use could make you save up to 10% monthly. Every plugged-in device may waste energy, however the following are frequently the worst culprits: laptops and computers, TVs and gaming systems, small kitchen appliances, phone chargers and lamps. By unplugging these devices, you will reduce your energy usage, protect your appliances against power surges, reduce the risk of electrical fires, lengthen the lifespan of the equipment.

To be able to implement a plan of action, TEKRAM will offer you a detailed energy audit report in which you can see what is using more electricity than it should. This will assist you in identifying areas for development that will not only help you save money on electricity costs but will also help you better fight climate change and join the eco friendly community.

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